Who is leryn franco dating

“[When James received his award] Isabel got a huge smile on her face.

She cocked her head to get a better viewpoint and applauded a lot during his speech and giggled at his jokes.

The 26-year old has a modeling career to fall back on, which is more than many other failed athletes can say.

Franco's personal best javeling throw is 55.38 meters.

Besides, she has been successful in every field and hence Leryn Franco bio can be taken as perfect example for many people.

The 2008 Australian Open winner has also rumored to be dating another fellow Grand Slam champion, Maria Sharapova.

Although no evidence of the romance ever circulated.

She broke her personal record of 57.77 m in Barquisimeto, Venezuela.

Besides, her achievement in Olympics, she has also appeared in number of modeling and beauty pageants.

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